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My 1980 Laser has a sticker that says "made in Ireland." Whoever built it did a hellava good job. Does anyone know WHERE in Ireland these Lasers might have been built? Just curious....
I can remember a shortage of Lasers in the late 70's early 80s on LI. We had typically received our boats from Canada, however, during this period we had boats being delivered from California, Ireland, and England. The California boats were shipped by train cross- country, and the batch included white hulls with ivory decks ( remember this as I was only able to get ivory/ivory at the time), and it was a long day transporting the boats from the RR to to storage facility. I think the euro boats were sent to Canada and than transported to us on the regular custom Laser 18 wheeler, hung by the gunwales without boxes 24 per truck and several times I had to help off load two trucks in the same week, At one point we were storing them by hull color vertically in a warehouse.
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were some Lasers produced in Sweden?
You're right in that for a few years, Lasers were built in a European country whose English name begins with "Sw" :D Sources are scant, but I think that production in Neuchâtel started at some time after 1975, and ended in '82 with the collapse of the original global Performance Sailcraft (just like, I believe, in Ireland). There is one of these boats (number 10xxxx) at my club in a very good shape for its age.