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New to both sailing and this forum.
I found my in possession of a 60’s era sunfish (at least most of it) and have some questions about the components. I don’t know if I’m missing the upper boom, mast or lower boom. Would someone be kind enough to identify what I have in the picture? Thank you!


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The lower boom should have two boom blocks. This should be the boom in your photo with the gooseneck attached. The other pipe looks like it is the upper boom, which should not have any blocks. If you look for a recent post here titled "New Sunfish Rigging Manual" by cmac233 it should show how they connect. Here is another link for rigging.

As Tops said it looks like you are missing the mast. Post more photos of everything and everyone here can help you evaluate. It looks like there may be some damage by the end cap of the upper boom in your photo.
Your upper spar looks like it has quite a bit of corrosion. The eye bolt that the S hook attaches to looks like it's about to break off.

You can shorten the spar by cutting off some of the length and reattaching the cap and eye bolt.

I'd make sure everything is in good shape before you go out for a sail. It's definitely no fun to have something break while out on the water.