Quest for the Phantom rudder

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So believe it or not but I found a Phantom 14 hull in the a trash pile outside of someone's house and of course I was inclined to take it home. The hull was in pretty decent shape and I went to my local sailor supply store and they luckily had a phantom sail and spars stashed up in the attic that I got for a steal along with a Hobie Cat rudder that I managed to make work in the mean time and a sunfish mast. I made a daggerboard in a night and was ready to sail! The Hobie rudder is a pain in the @$$ to install and uninstall and just doesn't feel completely right. I have been looking everywhere for a rudder and nothing has come up and i noticed on this forum there is a lot of people looking for a Phantom rudder, so i guess i'm another one. I have been talking to Rudder Craft and they might be able to make me one. As soon as I find out and they give me a price I'll share it on here so if anyone is looking for one in the future they will no where to go.
So, Anyone have a spare rudder? I would rather have an original!
Thanks for any advice.


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If we could get someone to model the rudder bracket in Solidworks or Fusion 3D
the data file could be sent out to be printed. The wood parts are just a weekend
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I spoke with Joel from Rudder Craft today he said he could build one but it'd cost $300-$500. He said my best bet was to get my hands on an old Laser rudder head and move the pin brackets to fit on a Phantom gudgeon bracket and make a rudder blade and tiller or get an old Laser rudder blade off ebay. Unfortunately i missed one used Laser rudder assembly for $50 by 3 hours. New heads cost $100-$120.