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Q.: Is this a class-legal fairlead?


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The fairleads on top of the vang/kicker base are prone to wear! I’ve seen them with horizontal cracks from the hole in the middle, stretching both ways outwards.

Some sailing enthousiasts came up with this alternative. Note the metal insert inside. Hence the question in the title: ‘Is this a class-legal fairlead?



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The only place where that type of fairlead is legal is on the deck for the cunningham (you can lead the outhaul there, too, but it's not the smartest arrangement).

As the vang cleating fittings go, you basically can't change any part of them, even easily exchangeable ones. Not a smart rule, and broken once by Harken itself. (And no one cared.)

And by the way, the Allen fitting doesn't have that problem as the fairlead is all stainless :cool: