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Puffer rudder (vs Sunfish)


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Does your rudder stay in the "kicked up" position? Unlike my Sunfish, my Puffer does not. I'm not seeing a way with the rudder headstock and tiller arm attachments, to be able to move them around to make this possible. The Sunfish rudder goes off more at an aft angle in the down position, while the Puffer is more straight up and down. To get this more vertical position, it sacrifices being able to stay in the "up" position.
Therefore when beach launching, etc. I need to put the rudder in, once I'm in deeper water. Same with trailering. The rudder needs to come off.
It'll kick up if it hits the bottom, but I'd like to have it raised before I know that might happen.

Besides the blade, the hardware and tiller straps are the same on both boats.