PSA Lasers: "Cheater" Boats?

beldar boathead

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Speaking of an egregious non-truth, from today's Scuttlebutt.... "Earlier this month, after LaserPerformance was terminated as a supplier for the Laser Class, we contacted LaserPerformance CEO Bahman Kia for comment regarding the reason for supply problems in the Americas, to which he replied, "I am not aware of supply issues. Anyone seeking Laser boats and parts are welcome to contact us."


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As I said in the sail button price thread where the original poster brought this up, it's essentially about mudslinging by LP in a situation where there's little else left for them to do.

Let's assume LP's message is factually correct: that PSA put a little extra glass in the bottom, no one noticed for years, and ILCA resolving the matter by letting everyone do it.

Then what? PSA and ILCA may have acted questionably, but isn't it "last winter's snow" (as we say over here :D )? What kind of action, if any, should this information lead to now? Would a 720 by each be enough? :rolleyes:

Although theoretically serious, this case is history, and making it public right now is only an attempt by LP to change the good guys/bad guys narrative. Wonder what they realistically hope to achieve with that.



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That page made my browser crash five times before I got to the end...

But hey, it's a conspiracy after all, against poor little LP, or at least a :eek: "secret alliance"! And it's those others who want a world monopoly! That's some mighty projection.

Should be easy to see now that this is not about two pieces of chopped strand mat.


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Wonder if Rasty ever thought the sail boat business could be such a hassle? I predict this will go one of 2 ways: 1)- He decides he's had enough and divests the business. 2)- He decides no one's gonna get one over him, digs his heals in and starts throwing money at lawyers.

I'd say it's a total toss up on which way he goes. Whatever way he chooses I believe he has the personal financial chops to do either without a much of a blow to his personal bottom line.

In the meantime I'm just gonna keep sailing my boat!


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Aha! I couldn't have come up with that! If he's the owner of MacLaren strollers as well, I must say that he's a long-time supplier to my home! Now I get the 'financial chops' phrase.