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Prevent turtling with a sail float sleeve


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Following up on the inflatable mast float I mentioned purchasing in a previous post... I haven't tipped the boat yet so I can't say how well it actually performs, but can comment on a couple of things:

- Once it is up, it looks ok and isn't all that intrusive. (helps that my sails are blue, yellow, and white)

- Getting it up the mast can be sorta difficult sometimes. It often gets caught on the spreaders and requires a couple tries to get it past them

- It is good quality, and it does LOOK like it would work just fine.

So far I'm convinced its a good lower cost alternative to a baby bob.
I am interested in learning more about the mast buoyancy float from APS. Do you have their website? How is yours working?


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APS is out of the sailboat parts business. Now clothing only.

I would suggest the Intensity Sails Anti Turtle Mast Float. I use them in our junior program (C420's) and I think it's almost impossible to turtle with one. It's light (the worst place possible for weight on a boat is at the top of the mast) and easy to use only when needed.