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Expired Pre-1972 Sunfish rudder

This classified ad has expired.
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Need to make room in the garage for boat gifts (are you listening Santa?) and wondering if there is any interest in this. Before getting into the water with my Amflite 14 (Sunfish Clone) I upgraded to the post 1972 style - I took it off the boat five years ago and have no idea if what is here is everything and if it would work.

I had envisioned cold snowy nights at the workbench repairing and selling this but it hasn't happened so it is your opportunity.

25$ plus shipping costs from Norfolk. It weighs about 7 pounds in total and it will require an odd shaped box but we can work that out.


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I live in Maryland and would be interested if the shipping isn't too terrible.
141 Stanford Rd
Hagerstown, MD 21742
So this is more difficult than first imagined...difficult finding appropriate packaging which will yield a reasonable shipping cost.

I will keep looking...but it will likely be next week...


I still owe DSOC a firm quote on the shipping...I have no excuse other than the regular stories - holidays, traveling, work, etc. If DSOC has lost interest and you are in the Norfolk area - I would dig it out of the garage and let's connect. But the limited review online of USPS shipping costs for this were real expensive (like 100$ to Maryland which is nuts). It is also cumbersome to box. Let me know where you r at, and if nearby I will message DSOC
I am not in your area. I'm in South Carolina. I'm thinking I could laminate some white oak to make up a spare blade and bolt it up to my original hardware, as needed. I'm headed to the Outer Banks and I'd hate to get all the way out there and have the rudder break. Maybe that approach is a bad idea. I dunno.
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