Pin on vang tang


Upside down?
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With cold fingers it's nice to just use a Fastpin to attach the vang (Harken) to the vang tang on the mast. However, I have had two 'failures' recently with the pin coming out while sailing. This is pretty disastrous because one can't fix this on the water (without outside help). Moreover, the boom may come loose as well. Both times it was pretty windy, and one time there were waves as well.
Have others experienced this kind of failure?

PS: I have learned my lesson and will use a classical pin with a ring-a-ding (ring ding?) from now on.
Yikes! How far out from shore were you? Did you have help on the water?
One time (in waves and good breeze) I did need help because the boom had dropped off the mast as well which made sailing just about impossible.
More recently (lighter winds) the boom stayed connected to the mast and I was able to sail 'back home'.