Repair Pico Mast Foot Repair


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Hi All,

The images below show the Pico mast foot, it's a bit shredded. It's quite old. The plastic bung seems to add some strength, and perhaps it's fine like this if I just rivet it on. However I'm considering repairing it by either ;

- Cut off the raggy bit, re rivet the collar and bung.. and move the top collar (what the mast gate clips to) up by 1-2cm.. the same amount cut. The only downside I can see to this is that the boom will be 1-2cm lower (and the jib loose maybe.. but I don't have one or use one)

Another option would be to make and insert some kind of sleeve inside the foot.

P.s. this is an old Pico and not planning on keeping it forever or racing. just sailing it for a season or 2 to build skills/confidence. Doesn't have to be class legal etc.

Thoughts or Ideas?