pepsi sailfish


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we just inherited 2 sailfish
they appear to be very close to sunfish in both sail size and hardware types
i know that aps has a lot of stuff but will sunfish sails and hardware crossover?
what are the major differences?
we sail a catalina 22, windsurf big ocean boards and various multi's up to 40 ft and are very much looking foward to sailing some smaller boats again
any help is much appreciated

If what you have is a Sailfish, then everything above the deck is the same as a Sunfish. Mast, Booms and Sail (except for the emblem). Aftermarket sails are available without emblem. Other than the obvious (Sailfish is a little shorter, narrower and does not have a cockpit), the daggerboard (9-1/2" wide x 3/4" thick x 40-1/4" long), bridle, pullies, cleats, straps eyes and anything else, you should be able to swap out if needed. The only problem area maybe the rudder mount. I believe the transome on a sailfish is not as tall as a Sunfish, you will have to measure to be sure. The construction of both boats is similar, so if you need to install inspection ports or make other repairs, just follow the instructions for a Sunfish. Good luck.
Everything Super Cub said is correct if, your Sailfish are fiberglas. Wooden Sailfish came it two sizes. A Super Sailfish is the same size as a fiberglas one. The Standard Sailfish is a 12 ft version with smaller rigging.
I forgot about wooden SF. SailRite ( sells a kit (you sew the panels together) for 3 different size Sailfish sails. Production Sails ( also lists Sailfish sails. To see if Sunfish sails will work, measure the booms (approx. 13'8"). If about the same, you are in luck. If the booms are about a foot shorter, try SailRite, they list a Sailfish 12 sail that is smaller (69 sq.ft. vs.75 sq.ft.). I would contact them to see if they could sew the sails for you if you do not have the resources to do your own sewing. APS ( has a Sunfish sail for under $200 (P/N MSTSF003). Hope this helps.
As per Supercubs reply, I have no intention to get into aftermarket sails, or other items. Alcort used to supply two sized sails made for both sized Sailfish. A 65sq ft one for the Standard Sailfish and 75sq ft for the Super Sailfish. Both were typically made by Rapsy & Lapthorn Sailmakers. These sails are easily identified by their 38 inch wide sail panels of "fleetboat" sailcloth supplied by Howe & Bainbridge, which was heavily "resined" up to 3.0 oz. The sailcloth made here in the USA after the fleetboat years was 36 inches wide and is typically designated as 3.7, or 3.8 oz cloth. Now-a- days cloth seems to be arriving from Asia in other widths.

I really hate to get into such detail, to such simple inquires, but as I've said before, I've run into to some well-meaning types on this site who are less informed.
thanks for the responses.
all of the people using these two boat are big water sailors and will use them for sailing in the surf line.
we will use them hard and i need to make sure the hardware is up to snuff.
both the hulls and centerboards/rudders are in good condition.
i'm on my way out to the shop to see if the sails are rapsey and lapthorn.
what do you do for a living?



I'm an industrial arts teacher. I built a sailfish in my own 12th grade shop class, 1970.
I acquired my first Sunfish in 1971, and still sail it today. I got away from them in 1978 when I began windsurfing. I still sail my 1979 Windsurfer as well. I also began building & flying hang gliders in 1973, but have gotten away from that in favor of spending my time restoring my collection of Opel automobiles. In 1971 I served in the AFRes learning autopilot systems, in favor of hot lead in my belly. During the 1980s & early 90s I ran a mail-order sailcloth business catering to the builders of ultralight aircraft. While having taught a variety of industrial arts courses, I favor woodworking. My summers are spent on Cape Cod.