"Parking" along the waters edge

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I am the happy new owner of a Laser2. I've wanted one of them since I was 14, so here I am at 42 finally getting my first boat.

I plan on keeping it at a local state park. They have spaces right along the waters edge, partly in the water. From talking to the park people it needs to be secured so it will not drift into adjacent boats and damage them. Most people build a box from 2 by lumber and rest the boat on this "cradle". They put a V shaped cut in the front and back pieces to match the shape of the hull and just push the boat up onto the box. The boat may be partly in the water or may be completely out of the water depending on the water level at the lake.

I am new at all this. Is this a good way? It must not be too bad as everyone there has their boats this way (a couple laser std and a couple laser2s there use this method). I have heard it is not good for the hull to rest it on the bottom. Is there a better way?

I thought of making a cradle that would have 2 of 2x4s running lengthwise that would support the weight in a lengthwise direction. However, the curved bottom does not fit on straight 2x4s very well .

I thought of supporting it by the edge. I could have 2 pieces that are parallel and about 3 or 4 feet long that would support the boat along the edge where the bottom and top meet. This would amount to 4 people holding the boat by the edge. Would that be better?

Any suggestions?

HH in Pennsylvania

Most people use something like this, it supports the weight on the gunwales, your right that supporting the weight on the hull for a long period is not great for the hull.
yep strap it to a gunwhale hung trolly leave the bung in the boat and then put a peice of metal in the ground or something like that to strap the trailer to to stop them from floating off but leave the strap a bit loose to allow it to go up and down but not so slack that it will bang into other boats because strapping it down tight means that there will be a lot of upward force from the water and itcould cause damage wherethe strap is keeping it anchored down.