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Sunfish racing is included in the ongoing PanAm games in Chile, both for the ladies and the men. For the USA, Conner Blouin and Amanda Callahan are the representatives. Canada is represented by Parkhill in the men's division.

The first day wasn't a happy one for the US team :( but Parkhill did quite well.

The racing can be tracked via this link:

The tracking is by no means perfect, but who's to complain?

Results can be found over here:
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No racing today (Sunday) because of extreme weather.
A Facebook friend wrote that the Coast Guard wouldn't let the sailors go out.
A bit of follow up:
After ten (yes 10) races, the field in the men's Sunfish fleet has been decided for the medal race (five sailors).
At least three can still get 'the gold' because the medal race counts double.
Parkhill (Canada) is in first place with 21 points.
De Trazegnies (Peru and 2022 Sunfish World Champion) is second with 22 points.
Gonzales (Chile) is in third with 23 points.
Teixidor (Puerto Rico) and Blouin (USA) are the other two who will be racing on Saturday. They are not medal contenders, but will surely be competitive.

On the women's side, Caterina Romera (Peru) has been DOMINANT, winning nine races and finishing second once. As long as she sails, she will get the gold medal. But the race for the silver is wide open between Philipine van Aanholt (Aruba) and Maria Poncell (Chile); only two points apart.
Parkhill (CAN) was able to hold off De Trazegnies (PER) in the medal race and won the gold. Gonzalez (CHI) finished third.

Remarkably, Teixidor (PUR) had to do a 720 (penalty) during the first leg, but he caught up and won the race. Race afficionados would be interested to study the tracks to see how he did that in such a short race with four other world class sailors.

On the women's side, van Aanholt (ARU) finished third, one spot ahead of Poncell (CHI) to secure a silver medal. Caterina Romero (PER) won the medal race to put some icing on her cake.