painting bottom of sunfish question

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i have some streaks on the bottom of my hull that display the fiberglas fabric. no holes at all but the coat has worn off in a few places. what do i apply to these areas ( if anything) before a new coat of gel coat?



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West 2 part epoxy and micro-balloons are the easiest way to fill. Sands easy, can be
brushed on and works great for everything but vertical surfaces. Takes multiple applications
and sanding to work back to the correct level but not a problem. Once you have the fill part done
you and tint the epoxy mix without using micro-balloons and start wet sanding between coats. Or
you can brush on gel coat and do the same. Remember the gel coat on the keel strip is a lot thicker
than what they sprayed on the rest of the hull. If the gel coat is really worn on the entire hull painting
may be the best option.
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thanks for the answers. if i chose to use a paint on the boats bottom is there a paint that is reccomended by anyone here and is a clear polyurethan on top of the paint reccomended or done often?


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Options for painting depend on your painting experience and how much you want to spend. The
internet contains endless discussions on the merits or Rustolium/Easypoxy/Interlux. Gel Coat is
tops but requires experience and a dedicated gel coat gun or gun with >2.10 mm nozzle. Roll and Tip
seems to be the must common easy way to apply.


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I've got an older wood sundeck that's showing a few boards in good splinter-production. :confused:

I'm not fussy about color, but would covering those boards with this gelcoat-substitute be a good idea?

Are we still mixing-in crushed walnut shells to reduce slipperiness?

(Slipperability?) ;)

"A two-part, easy to use, fast drying epoxy compound for filling holes and repairing scratches in gelcoat and fiberglass. Interprotect Watertite YAV135 is especially recommended for use to fill gelcoat blisters below the waterline. It is recommended for use with the Interprotect Epoxy Barrier System or VC Tar2. Interprotect Watertite YAV135 is an excellent fairing compound due to its unique two-phase cure, which gives a long easy-to-sand window. Interprotect Watertite YAV135 can be applied to a thickness of 3/4” without sagging and its superior spreadability makes it an ideal glazing compound for filling small nicks and scratches. Note: Epiglass Epoxy Resin can also be used as a fairing compound when mixed with HT440 Filler powder."

Home Depot is being sued for Behr Paint (and Rustoleum's) answer, so those with experience with this product are especially invited to share their knowledge.