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Any recommendations for a paint sprayer. I am going to spray VC 17 on the bottom and I have an air compressor but do not know the advantages/disadvantages of gravity vs siphon spray gun. I would like to hear from someone who has experience with this.
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A gravity gun will not work on the bottom. A siphon rig is the only way to go. The viscosity
of your product will determine your tip size.


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The gravity gun works by gravity. If you tilt it back the product will not drain into the fluid way. The siphon(cup)gun pulls the product out of the cup using the air pressure. Ideally you want a 2 liter HVLP sprayer that you can spray in any direction and holds a ton of material.

http://www.spraygunworld.com/products/Astro/Astro Pneumatic - 4003-13PT.htm

Buy the 1.5 nozzle for spraying bottom paint. These are great guns. Not Harbor freight junk. Astro makes excellent spray guns.

Make sure you have enough air to supply the gun.