Class Politics overlapping rule 17.1


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This rule makes a special case of overtaking a boat to Leeward within 2 boat lengths of the boat in front. The overtaking boat is not allowed is not allowed to sail above her proper course. I presume the obvious opposite case is that if you start to overlap and are further than 2 boat lengths to leeward, you ARE allowed to sail above your proper course, i.e as soon as you are overlapped, you can start to push the windward boat up. ie Rule 11 applies. Is this correct ?
You can sail above your proper course until you are within 2 boat lengths. I don't believe an overlap is considered to exsist if you are more than 2 boat lengths apart. If an overlap is considered to exsist outside the 2 length circle then the over taking boat would have completely overtake the windward boat, break the overlap and then slow down and drive the windward boat up above proper course, allowing the boat to windward ample time to react, of course.
Overlaps exist without regard to distance. The only requirement is that both boats be on the same tack.

The leeward, overlapped boat has the right to luff, even within the 2 length distance, when the windward boat gets the overlap from astern, when the leeward boat gets the overlap from astern outside 2 lengths, when the leeward boat gets the overlap inside 2 lengths by gybing, etc.