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Sailing on Shelter Bay
A couple of years ago, while sailing happily along in a strong breeze I noticed the rail I was sitting on was flexing. I weigh about 185 dressed. I didn't think it spoke very well for the strength of the boat, but didn't think more about it. This year the rail cracked open and it was obvious a serious repair was needed. I discovered the construction was what appeared one layer of fiberglass (not roving) on two sides of about one half inch of light weight low density polyurethane foam plastic. The fiberglass had pulled away from the foam and where I explored the area around the damage it was easy to pull the fiberglass away from the foam. Has anyone in an Omega or Capri 14.2 had a similar problem? I do see lots of stress cracks elsewhere but don't know if they are just in the gel coat or go further. For example all along the seat fronts where they meet the floor there is a line of cracks from front to back.
In your opinion is the Capri 14.2 well built; and by that I mean is the hull still solid in older boats?

By the way, mine is a 1971 Capri 14 (Omega) # 512