Older boat (Int 420) or newer?


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I! I am newer here! And i know this is not for the 420 sailboat forum dedicated, but i need to ask you a simple question, if you go bye a boat for leisure and fun wich boat you bye, an estimated 420 from the 90´s years or 2008 with much competition? Is possible the older be much stiff and solid boat? the values are 1000 euros for the older and 1500 for the newer, this newer comes with 3 sets of sails, one has only one race done. Thank you so much for your help.


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Assuming that you have that "extra" 500 €, take the newer one. It looks like you'd get a much better boat for that money. For example, it has the post-1997 470-style forward tank arrangement, making it fundamentally stiffer and even safer... which counts even if you don't intend to race. In fact, that boat appears to be quite a bit underpriced, with new sails and all. I'd actually be curious if it has some big flaw that is not immediately visible.

The older looks like a Nautivela. Is the newer a Ziegelmayer?