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Old Style Rudder - Very Good Condition

Old style rudder for sale. Located in north Chicago suburbs. Very good condition.
Sunfish Rudder.jpg
Doug, I am desperately needing a rudder latch plate, the piece that latches the old style rudder down. Do you happen to have that piece and willing to sell?

If you are referring to the bronze plate that screws on to the keel (middle fitting in the attached photo) I have this part, $20 + shipping. Contact me at: [email protected] if you want it. Need anything else?

Alan Glos
Cazenovia, NY


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Hi Doug, looks like Happy farmer needs the bracket, and as you said, Alan has it. I’m still on the market for your rudder assembly.


Haven’t heard back and it appears I’m competing with collectors while trying to teach my daughter to sail.
I picture this needle swinging back and forth between a salvaged replacement and the conversion someone suggested, heh :)
Minka if you stay with the old style there is a plastic tube that slides on the vertical bolt to keep the upper and lower bracket in line.
Not our photo but here's the type of tube referred to on a fiberglass Sailfish, a longer tube was used on the Sunfish. The tube nestled into the transom cove and helped limit side to side play.

Alcort Super Sailfish MKII rudder carriage bolt tube.jpeg