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Although the old Laser@laser.org list is not what is used to be, there are some old guys who still love to subscribe to it and occasionally post. See Bradley's copied announcement below and visit one of the oldest continuously run forums in the world of the internet>>>

Hello Everyone,

As many of you know, the cerebus.winsite.com server that has hosted the class list server for years has finally crashed. Winsite is not really interested in providing the class free services anymore.

The Laser Forum has now taken over the ILCA-NA mailing list. TLF is now responsible for all aspects of the operation of the list. The list will remain relatively unchanged. It is still not moderated and offers direct communication with about 700 laser sailors. The list information page is located at http://www.laserforum.org/index.php?page=List_Serve.

There are some new features list members will now enjoy.
  • All options are edited via a web based control panel.
  • Attachments and HTML emails are now supported.
  • A Daily Digest of posts from the "Laser Sailing" and "Laser Class and Politics" section will be sent to members of the list.
  • All new post will be archived into the forum. These post will be searchable just like any other post in the forum and will also show up in the similiar threads portion of the showthread page.
  • In the future, registered forum members may be able to post to this list through the forum. This feature is still under development.
  • All the old post from 1994-2005 have been copied and saved on our server. They can be reached at http://archives.laserforum.org. A search function for the archives will be added shortly.
Bradley Green
The Laser Forum