Old, new style rigging

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I have been out of Lasers a long time (78k number) and just got a 125k boat with totally standard rigging, including a wooden tiller!
I search this forum for rigging tips but simply cannot spend the money on fancy XD stuff.
I see some boats in my club using thimbles etc, which is a big step forward compared to what I used to have, but struggling to get some clear diagrams of how to do it, as the articles are on the new stuff.
Any hints?
If you search on
cunningham outhaul rigging
you'll find many threads.

Here's a diagram to get you started

The rules have been changed to allow blocks in place of the thimbles, so for a little more money then thimbles, but much, much less then converting to the new style rigging, you can have pretty decent control systems with low friction.
I use all the old style rigging, I tie truckers hitches vs thimbles... I think thats mostly because I'm a cheap bast***.... :)
Here's what I used when I started, this is from Dick Tillman's "complete book of laser Sailing.

I simplified this considerably also, the cunningham has only one additional purchase, the outhaul doesnt go around the mast etc...

pez said:
Hm... wow... sure is... sorry bout that

Hmmm...I wonder if APS is paying royalties to Dick Tillman??? Anyway Tillman's rigging was used quite successfully for many years..throwing in a micrblock here and there will help friction substantially and save your pennies until you have enough for the new vang system, like putting powersteering on the old vista cruiser
hmmm i'm getting a sense of Deja Vu here!
I just put this in another post but....
I use the updated old style rigging, and I'll try to get some pics of it today while i'm at the club race.

Then i just need to build a website to post them all! :)