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We are resetting up a 470 originally made in 1974 by Roga in Madrid Spain. It has a spinnaker. The odd part of this spinnaker is that it has a line coming out of the center of it, through a grommet. Any thoughts from the forum?
It's a retrieving line that goes through a spinnaker launcher. Now that the 470 doesn't have one (and never did), it's either 1) a sailmaker's mistake, or 2) not a 470 spinnaker in the first place.

Does it really say "Madrid" somewhere? I have been under the impression that Roga operated from north of Barcelona. But maybe they moved at some point.


Yes, Barcelona. Here are some pictures.


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Ok, so they were after all located in Premià de Mar (some 20 km northeast of Barcelona) since always. The business still exists but doesn't appear to be actively building anything.

In the early and mid-1970s, Roga was the third most popular 470 worldwide, after Morin (France) and Vanguard (US). However, after the first Olympics of the class (1976, where Spain got a silver medal) they somehow disappeared from the race courses. They still held a builder's licence only a few years ago, and according to the then-active website they would build you a 470 if you absolutely wanted, but you shouldn't expect to win the Worlds with it... or at least that was the gist, if I understood the Spanish correctly!

There's a lot of work to do on your boat (many, many strange fittings in strange places :D ), but if the hull is structurally ok then it's definitely worth it. If you look at the "470 Questions", "470 Layout" and "Mid 70s 470" threads in this forum you get a taste of what's ahead. Keep posting :)

Here are some more pictures to show you how she is currently rigged.


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Here are some more pictures
Thanks, it doesn't look like there's as much strange stuff ("what is that fitting supposed to be for?") than I first thought. It all looks quite fixable. As with many other boats from that era, the centreboard adjustment system needs to be sorted out, and you need spinnaker bags and a mast puller, among other things. But first throw out those paddles (or use them in a canoe) :D You won't need them on a 470.

Luckily, there happens to be a 1975 Roga at my club, and it has been updated to a 1985-ish setup. I'll get there next week and see if there can be any useful comparisons made.

Thanks Lali. I am pretty familiar with the 420 since I purchased a whole fleet of them for the WSU Sailing club some 20 years ago. The 470 is a step up!!