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Just doing what the Laser - and me! - likes most.... a bunch of gybes. a couple of years ago prior to new vang, Cunningham and outhaul upgrades...


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Would something like this mounted to a port on the transom away from the tiller be suitable as long as I tied it off in a couple of places?


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Great visual, how have you mounted the camera?
I used a GoPro Gooseneck mount, spring-clamped to the transom. The other option you showed would likely work, too. I lost one GoPro when the mainsheet caught it during an unplanned gybe. I had a safety line on the gooseneck but it tore the camera off the top. Now I tie the safety line to the camera itself!


Upside down?
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I feel like I would get smashed over board on each of those gybes.....
Well, you do need to hunker down while jibing, more so if you are tall. Also, don't forget to loosen the vang!
A pump on the sheet at the appropriate time will prevent the sheet from catching the corner of the stern.