Not a good night.....


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So tonight was adult fun races at the club. The wind was frisky at 12 gusting.

Was beating up the windward mark on a starboard tack. The on a port tack did not see me and I was heeled over and could not see him. We hit. No damage, I was able to turn away enough in time.

On the down wind mark I gybed. The rudder broke at the tiller hole. The piece floated away before I could get the boat stable and sail down. The bulkhead was fast coming up on me. The club boat picked me up in time.

Found another rudder split in the same place in the shed. So I will drill some holes and make something work.

Might be in the market for a plastic rudder used in decent shape.

Kind of dont like wood right now.

I actually did a quick look and did not see anything bad on the rudder. I had previously refinished it and did a repair on the pivot area split. I did not find signs of a split at the tiller hole. The wood was in good shape and had a pretty color too.
Sea Stories! Huzzah! Barely escaped the briny deep, we're glad you're back. Grab some Flex Tape and get back out there :)

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