North Texas Fleet Challenges Mutineers of Lake Grapevine


Charlabud #623
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The North Texas Fleet challenged the Mutineer 15 fleet based on Lake Grapevine to a class-on-class racing duel this past Sunday. Don Silva, Chief Engineer of the C14 NT Fleet, acted as Prep Crew for the engagement, providing the good-boat Charlabud with a vital last minute spare parts and a good push off the muddy beach of Scott’s Landing. Dave McKenna took the stick and piloted the Charlabud solo in a two-race exchange with three highly experienced and aggressive Mutineer 15’s. The Charlabud took top honors in the C14 class, but missed the podium in the overall duel with two 4th place finishes.

The North Texas Fleet will continue to bring the fight to the Mutineers this Summer to establish which sport dinghy class will rule the LG in 2013.