North Texas Fleet – Inaugural Voyage


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The Capri 14 Fleet of North Texas had its first voyage this morning on Lake Grapevine in Tarrant County Texas.
We had three boats on our voyage today. It was a beautiful morning with nice easy winds. Perfect for a “getting to know you sail” and getting our sea legs back on after a winter off the water.
All went well expect for one missing plug and a boat taking on water…but we did learn that a Capri 14 can actually tow another Capri 14 if it really has to.
I look forward to many more great days of sailing with my new friends
Fair Winds Everybody!
Thanks for getting this group going! Look forward to many more outings.
FYI, I found the drain plug laying in my driveway when I got home. This will forever be number one on my pre-sail check list.