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For Sale North blade, 2017, barely used

Hey Mike, I’m sailing a modified J/24 with a Pan Am jib and no Genoa. We were killing the PHRF fleet, so we talked the J fleet into letting us compete straight up with them. We placed 3rd out of six in the spring series and 2nd in the fall. Magpie is gone. We are using a 1980 hull and rig.

I’m looking for $1,000 for the blade. I bought it for Magpie in 2017. It was a North team’s sail, measured in for the 17 NAs in Houston. There were about 2 races that were marginal where half the fleet used blades and half genoas. I have never used it in a race. I put it up to take a look at it, but that’s all. so it’s almost new. I think my Pan Am will work fine up to the low to mid 20s. Above that, and I’m maybe not so interested in racing anymore.

Are you still racing Java?