North American access to "drLaser"

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Some time ago, the special technical articles in the "drLaser" web site that are reserved for world-wide members of ILCA were made available to all North American (USA & CAN) sailors regardless of whether they were ILCA-NA members or not.

As of Wednesday 3/24/2004 8:00 AM EST, access by North American (USA & CAN) sailors to these articles will again be restricted to "ILCA - North America" members under password protection.

This policy change was not requested by ILCA-NA and is necessitated by a planned publication.

The username and password to use will be what were in use during Fred Schroth's tenure as NA Secretary, as published in various back issues of "The Laser Sailor" magazine. ILCA NA Officers may request a username/password change from drLaser at any time, and may distribute these access codes to their members and other friends of ILCA-NA as they please.

This change does not affect any other ILCA Districts around the world.

Best regards,

Shevy Gunter
Editor, drLaser