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I bought a boat on Saturday. The only problem being was the sail didn't have a number on lol which I thought was weird. I asked him why and he said

Why ..... should lasers have numbers on ...... I never knew.

So now I'm wondering
What do I do now
How do I get the sail numbers


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The code on the stern can be translated to a sail number. But in reality, few people care unless you go to a really serious event.
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The club I'm a member of want it for races. My last 4 digits are 3200 so I'm thinking now that might be the sail number? Where can I apply or buy them from the sail numbers do you know


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Unless your boat is very old, the true sail number probably has five or six digits. But you can use 3200 unless someone else at your club already has that number (highly unlikely).
One can buy sail numbers from APS and other dinghy supply shops.
PS: Be sure they are the legal size and attach them properly.


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As it looks like it's a Laser Bahia you have, none of the information on the Laser (the singlehander) is relevant. The Bahias don't necessarily have sail numbers, as they're not intended primarily for racing. If there is a hull number, that of course could be used as a sail number as well. There's no class association to ask, but you could always contact the builder: Contact LaserPerformance

Once you know what number you're going to use, you can get them from your local sailmaker. When applying them on the sail, ask for help from someone in your club who's experienced in this; both the positioning and attaching are trickier than you might think.
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