NEWS: Eldred & Reynolds rally Sunday to win the Easter Laser Regatta


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Fred Schroth ( Wrote:
Newt wattis won the Great grand masters.
Ed henkel won the Grand masters
Doug Peckover won the Masters
Mark Eldred won the apprentice
Don Brown was the first non old man finisher
Chad Wilson actually beat Don but Chad is a whole lot closer to masters age
than high school

Patrick "Swirly" reynolds won the radials
pablo was second and the first apprentice
barry Bowden was the first really old guy
I mean old

Like older than the three in front of him combined
maybe four

Nah..renee was in front of barry and she will be a master soon

OOps..never let on about a woman's age..

reenee was top radial chick

Chick..that ought to get me off the hook.

jaci was second chick..honey..babe?? sweetie??

Long hair...Nope not long hair because Tyler Jones was fifth and he has an
almost Fred like mop..scary...I mean really scary..downright disturbing for most
of us

Did I mention that Marilyn Wattis got a pair of bunny slippers for bringing
Newt and making lunch, dinner, breakfast and lunch with Sally??

We polished off three kegs!! and 120 eggs and 100 submarine sandwiches .
Also...2000 hamburgers, 100 hot dogs, 20 pans of brownies ( no there were not
green flecks in those brownies) about ten bags of cookies, 25 gallons of
lemonade, 175 bottles of water, fifteen gallons of iced tea, 240 cups of coffee, all
the potatoes, salsa, tortillas and etc that accompanied the eggs in the
breakfast tacos, a ham, lots of shredded cheese, lots of cheese for the burgers,
salads, ten huge bags of tortilla chips and three gallons of salsa, 100 bagels, 6
dozen doghnuts, 12 gallons of orange juice, three gallons of milk, many many
bags of Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies and JR's favorite...the marshmallow

There was a bunch of other food too.

The weather absolutely sucked. We had no wind while the forn hung out to our
north, then it smashed into us and we had a gear buster race...and then went
in becuase the lightning was just too close.

Sunday it was so cold we thought it was a warm July day in
sanfrancisco...until we got out on the lake and it was nice and clean and the water
was 20 degrees warmer than san francisco and there was none of that horrible
current and we were all a lot happier to be in the nice clean warm place that
was having a record cold day.

somebody mention global warming? we were having none of that. the evening
weather report began with..Our high today only reached 54. That was the lowest
high temperature on this date breaking the old record by six degrees. We
kept telling everybody it was never this cold in Austin in April....

but Sunday's wind was very challenging. it was a powerful front that was
being re-arranged by the southern prevailing wind and warmth. While we raced the
wind ranged from 10 to 25 and the direction moved between 330 and 60.
Amazingly, there was never a one tack beat and lifted tacks and conservatism paid
all day....

so did the ability watvch and to jump back in the boat when the sailor just
ahead autotacked.

The mark Eldred show was amazing, he seemed to be sailing as though all the
shifts were not really happening as he simply sailed around the course without
ever finding himself lifted 45 degrees jast as he approached a layline.

The rest of us were not that easy to watch, as we autotacked, chased non
existant laylines and attempted to gybe just as the wind gusted from a what was
expected to be the new leeward.

Fun and challenging stuff but I will take the usual 15 to 20 south April
breeze that has 75% of the days during the first 20 years of the event.

Mr E. Bunny Himself
Friend of the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus and The Smart Blonde
host of The Easter Laser Regatta
(round belly tune up for the 2004 North American masters Championships)
Bunnies have big thighs and love big breeze
Easter Laser Regatta