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I bought my first Sunfish and have never sailed before. It's a 1980 and I'm a 1949. The Halyard or rope that goes up to the mast and back seems too short. what length should this be and also the sheet or rope that goes along the boom what length for it. What type of rope should I buy ? I also bought a couple of books, The Sunfish Book by Will White which is too technical for me and more for those into racing. The Sunfish Owners manual by Kent Lewis which had some good info. any better books ? I'll be sailing off Lake Michigan in Big Bay De Noc, any Sunfish groups around me ? Thanks

Kristie E

Congratulations on your new boat!

I learned how to sail a sunfish on Lake Michigan in Leland as a kid. My mom taught me, but honestly, we both winged it, mostly.

Fast forward 30 years and I’m back at it after buying a sunfish during Covid for my grown boys. I taught my son what I knew, and he managed to surpass me in about a week. I asked him what he used and he had the following suggestions:

“how to sail single handed” on YouTube

also, he said Sailboat TV on YouTube was great.

Someone on this forum just asked about rigging, which was helpful. Although more technical than I take it.

Stick to calm days on the big lake, obviously. Good luck finding a group nearby. Have fun!