Newbie Checking In

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Hello to all;

I recently joined this forum, soon after completing a full refit on my 76 'Fish. I had had it sitting around for a while, waiting for the bug to bite.

The hull was heavy and I knew sooner or later I was in for a lot of work. Because of some wonderful info here and elsewhere, I determined that the water was coming in through the daggerboard tube. Unfortunately, some water may also have come in through the hull/deck joint. To make long story short, ended up separating the hull and deck almost completely, removing and replacing the foam, adding backing boards to the attachment points for cleats, coming (break water?), etc.

It is now about 130 lbs, and sails fast on her lines again. Painted deck blue with red and white stripes, and some random white stars. Does not make her faster, but does give me satisfaction on a July 4th weekend.

Anyway, I managed to do a lot of major work with decent results, and look forward to sharing info if any of you should want it.

Fair Winds,
Stars and Stripes