New to Sailing, Capri 14.2 rigging help

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New to sailing. Had fun the first time out so I went and bought a Capri 14.2. I think I have most everything figure out but I'm caught up on the how my forestay and jib. Not sure if it's set up properly.

If anyone in the Norfolk/VA beach area wants to have some beers and show me what I'm missing I'd appreciate it.
We are out here but not in Va. Come to Ct and I will explain how I rigged mine!
Sorry no one in your area. Post a pic we will analysis
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View attachment 24791 Brian,

What do you need help with? I’m in Richmond.
Hey Wayne,

My cousin is in Richmond and I've already thought of bringing it out that way. Maybe we could meet up for a beer and you can give my boat a look over let me know if I'm missing anything.

I think I have it figured out. I'll take pics and maybe y'all can tell me if I got it right. Basically there was only a shackle on the bow of the boat and no other attachements with the boat for the forstay and jib. I bought this for the forestay


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Also I got the boat without a mainsail. My uncle sent me an extra sail he had that seems to be perfect but a little taller than needed. Haveing the boom sit lower shouldn't have ill effects other than I'll need to duck further while tacking, correct.