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new sunfish (used but new to me) and hello to all!!


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hello to every one here on the sunfish forum --- my name is Chad im from Pensacola Florida and just got my first sunfish!!!

just thought id throw up a pick of it --- sorry of its too large for some ( dont have image resize loaded up yet )

but wanted to show the beginnings to sailing and tell a little history on my journey finding a sailboat!!!

found this sf in the local cheap ads Sunday morning was listed in 3 parts sunfish the mas and the rudder from 100 50 and 25 called and offered 100 bucks for all no trailer or booms and no sails or rigging and i was there in a matter of hours ( had to get a trailer )

still i thought it was a good deal no to many stress cracks some rub marks from the tiller and around the mast area a little rust from some old hardware but not to bad i think !!! just looking for the sail and booms right now!!!

i have a neighbor about 4 houses up from mine that has a sunfish and a opti sitting on trailer out in the weather and not moving i gone by there a dozen times but he gives an answer like --- oh i dunno ill think about it ill look around for how much they are going for let me think about it ill let you know!!! --- just sitting there baking away in the sun --- id love to get them ive offered cash

but here are the pics im guessing its from the mid eighties ill look up the sn #

looking forward to all the help i can get and all the great stories!!





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I think you did well...a good start. If those are original daggerboards and rudder, you did especially well. You might want to figure out the weight of the hull: too many are soggy, and have to be...um...rejuvenated.

What are the row of marks at the bow that look like rusted holes?


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looks like she comes in around 150 gonna put in the ports in the next few days !!!

also pulling all the parts off and the rub rail to clean up and fill holes and give a fresh coat of paint!!!

will post pics



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I'd say you did very well. No sail though? Get some photos back on line when she's out on the water.

Tight lines!


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i just got the inspection ports -- will put those in this weekend and im going to sand the whole boat -- already took off most of the hardware

will post pics of progress!!