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I have a 1990 Catalina 14.2 and recently purchased and replaced the spreaders, brackets and shrouds from CD. The installation diagram from Catalina shows the spreader positioning should be 30" width between the spreaders. Creating this width with these longer replacement spreaders means the mast bracket needs to be closer to the mast slot, however, doing so created a gap and the bracket would no longer be flushed against the mast. We kept the brackets and installed them round the same place as the originals, installed the spreaders (they have about a 34" width) and now the shrouds are no longer long enough to secure to the adjuster. Has anyone come across this issue when replacing with replacement spreaders & brackets? Attached are photos of the old spreader & bracket positioning compared to the newly installed bracket & spreader.


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I suppose you could trim the end of the spreader off to you desired length at the end closest to the mast and machine your holes how you want being careful to leave enough material outside the hole so the hole does not tear out from the pressure.
Don't know why I can't reply to Mashmaster, so I'll do it here since it's the same subject. See where I removed the tang and laid the shroud out for measurement, it came out at 15'10". I left the spreaders taped in place for future reference. Now when I asked Catalina Direct to verify the exact length of the replacement they could not give me an answer! So I'll take a leap of faith and order a new pair, assuming they know what they're doing. I've got a 1986 Mod 1, for whatever that's worth.
The other pic shows how the fitted eyelet connects to my tang. Yep, it will be a challenge to cut the cable free in order to re-use the tang. Was thinking about using a Dremel to grind apart the clamping piece. Then apparently the new cable reconnects with a piece of hardware. and then I need to re-attach the spreaders, taped into place EXACTLY at the same spot they are now. Then reattach tangs to the mast, using some thread locker to secure the bolts.
I'll let you know how it goes!


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