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Reviewing the subject brought up by SoCalSailing and the shroud kit he bought, I just reconfirmed with C-Direct that the part # shown in this attachment is the correct one. They redesigned the rigging after 2012, so I'm a bit confused how the pics showing comparison between the older and newer designs could be so different, especially since the boat is a 1990 model?


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I recently swapped mine out with that kit and it went smoothly. The hardest part was cutting the loop that attached to the mast .
I needed to replace the shrouds on my 1986 Mod 1. C-Direct sold a stock version of these, but knowing that there are two different versions on the Capri made since then, I erred to the side of caution when ordering these. The length of the stock version was stated to be somewhat shorter than what I measured mine to be, so I shipped my current cable to them and requested they make a custom set to match. If you're looking at my pics be sure to note that the 15.8 is in tenths of a foot, so it was actually about 15'10".
Very glad I did so because my buddy happened to buy a Mod 1 with a new set of shrouds on it. See the pics, the ones titled "Mistress" (the name of my boat) are comfortably in the mid range of the adjusting holes for decent tension on the rigging. Now compare that to his "Stock Halyards" and you can see how they just barely work with pins through the top holes at all 3 connection points!
I have the luxury of being able to do the initial set of the forestay at the top holes which makes for a lot of slack so it's easy to do the initial connection when raising the mast alone. Then I connect the jib halyard to the trailer mast crutch and add sufficient tension to allow resetting of the forestay pin to the middle hole, which is the perfect setting for proper mast rake and cable tension. My buddy has to struggle when making the initial forestay connection since it has to be done under full tension due to the shorter shroud lengths. It's hard to thread the pin through the 3 holes (2 on the adjuster and one for the cable eye) with this condition.
So a word to the wise, if you're getting replacement shrouds be sure they're long enough to match the setup shown for my boat or you'll regret it!


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