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Captain Glen

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Hi All

Just picked up my new 27 year old 93‘, quick question on which model it is. It has a roller furling jib and all fiberglass foredeck. But it also has the cubby with a canvas snap on cover with a storage pocket. Coming from sailing Hobie Cats in my younger days so totally familiar with boats turtling but way too old and a few pounds heavier so has anybody tried the sail track float Catalina offers or should I just install a Hobie Bob Float. Sorry one last question, install a ladder or use the improvised rope with PVC or wood thru the drain hole.



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If the splash / spray guards are made of wood, it's a Mod 2.
If they're fiberglass, it's a Mod 3

I use a rope boarding ladder over the side, and while it can be a pain, it still works pretty well.

My next ladder project is going to be to add a second rung to the transom / drain hole ladder I made. I plan to run a short length of bungie from the top rung to a pad-eye on the rail above it, to keep it out of the water when not in use.
If I need to use it, I can just reach up and unhook the ladder, dropping it into the water.


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