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I own a 1987 14.2 that I have had since last May. I sail in both Channel Islands and Ventura Harbors in Southern California. I have sailed on 27-30 foot boats for many years but this is my first smaller boat. I have learned a great deal from reading these post, and have now joined the group. Any other 14.2 sailors in the Ventura County California area?
Well, I am neither a new member, nor even close to your location, but welcome to the forums just the same.

There are some really helpful people on this board!
Welcome/Check out the CIYC

Hi Greg,

I "sailed" out of the Channel Islands Harbor on many occassions in my two years in Port Hueneme, but I was mainly on my jet ski and heading out to Anacapa Island. :) When I did sail, I used a friend's Capri 22 that he kept at the Channel Islands Yacht Cub (CIYC). I do recall seeing a few 14.2's over there and really missed mine back here in NC/VA. When I returned to the Right Coast, I promptly bought it back from the friends I had sold it to three years earlier. Their kids had grown a bit and wanted a motorboat. I have really enjoyed it again since I bought it back, but still enjoy the ski here too, though the waves (and the air that I catch) in the lakes in NC and VA aren't nearly what they were off Port Hueneme in a 30-40 mph blow, but I digress...welcome to the world of 14.2's! Please make sure you keep it in the harbor. Even the 22 seemed a bit small outside of the breakwater!

Fleet #1

Great the Westlake Yacht Club is fleet #1. We have about forteen active sailors. On February 22 we will be sailing in the Mid-winter regattas on our lake. Come visit us.
Skipper's meeting is 1230 and the first race will begin around 1300.
Bob Amenta
Sailboats for Sale

I have to admit, I like like the Capri 14. We are actively looking for one now...any boat within 300 sm of WV. would be of interest to us.

Sewelle Mt. Sailing

Go to They have a lot of sailboats for sale around the country. Also, there is a section just for Catalina's, and you can see what Capri 14's have sold for in the past. Go to Sailboat Gallery, "C" for Capri, scroll down to 14.2, then it will show boats by year that have sold in the past. Better than ebay for sailboats.

Good luck!!!

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