New main sail advice/suggestion

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I've decided to let my oem main sail go to it's final resting place at the end of this season, so I've been doing the research and pricing routine. There seems to be a lot of variance in prices out there, but I don't want to cheep out and be disappointed on this one. I'm asking for personal experience from those who recently purchased new sails from Slosailsandcanvas, Catalina yacht store, precisionsailloft, or others I haven't seen. or should I just go for the gusto and get the known quality Northsails one design sails? funds are not unlimited however.

I have not yet bought new sails from SLO Sails but they have repaired both my main and jib as well as made my boat cover. I have been in their sail loft 4 times over the last 5 years and they are very professional and easy to work with. When the time comes for new sails, I will buy from them. When you do buy a new jib, have the largest legal window installed.
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Thank you Greg. SLO was on my short list, but I ended up ordering the Ullman off shore sails from Catalina Direct. they have a sale going on for those willing to go on a March delivery schedule, which I was.
I was a bit surprised at a few of the responses I got from various other lofts. some were good, but one didn't even know what weight their 14.2 sailcloth was, another had what seemed like a good price but then charged a bunch extra for the sail # and logo, and one just never returned my call with a price quote on their colored sail option. Catalina Direct was very helpful and knowledgeable, + I like the heavier cloth they offer. The Ullman main is 5.5oz and the Jib is 4.5oz, wile most others were in the 3.9-4.5 range for both sails.
We went to the lake last Friday and had a pretty exciting day. started out a mellow 2-5 until we made the ~5-6 miles to the other end of the lake, then a blue front came through and it was rock and roll into gusty/switchy 2-20 with whitecaps all the way back. had the gunnel in the water a couple times, but kept the sails dry ;) . because the wind was so switchy, I found the best option was to just sail through it, rather than trying to heave to. I really believe that new sails would have greatly helped the stress level on that day. my main is pretty blown out so it was impossible to flatten. it's great in really light wind, but might as well be a bed-sheet in the nasties.
It looks like summer is about shot for sailing, so I guess it's time to look forward to new sails and new adventures.