New Laser Bumper Sticker Ideas

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No way this thread was intended to be related to the Laser Class or politics.
I am just looking for some clever bumper stickers I could use to draw attention to Laser sailing and specifically to promote my Easter laser regatta.

The reason I asked for help relates to my current form of creative brainlock.

All my ideas are either way too unacceptable or way too boooooring.

I am looking for something that is slightly edgy and still astoundingly clever.

The genesis of my new search for bumper stickers came from the back end of a big old nasty looking pickup truck . The young lady who was driving was wearing a cowboy hat and from where I sat in my truck she looked like a respectable person.....

The bumper sticker said...

If you are going to ride my A..
At least pull my hair

I could make a Laser sticker that finished "At least pull my mainsheet" or "At least hold my tiller" but...Too many people would find a way to be offended.

So anyway. No offense to everybody so far but...

None of the suggestions above really seems like it needs to be on 1000 bumpers.
But some are close!!

Keep trying!!!

Sailing can always use another promotional tool!!

( Don't even think it>>>....I know where this goes..."Hey Fred ! Weren't you the promotional tool? and isn't that why you aren't anymore??")

the internet is soooo fun.