New FAQ Database: Help wanted


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We would like to include the following questions in our new FAQ database that will be part of the new site. We are looking for some help in writing some of responses. If you are interested in helping, please reply to this message or via private email to me, with the questions you would like to help with. Make sure you include your name, email, or any other perfered contact information when replying. I do not need the anwsers right away, but want to get a list of people interested in helping. If you would like to write about something not included here that is welcome to. Feel free to post any suggestions for the new site as well.

Also, if you are computer/internet savvy and would like to help format and design the database feel free to contact me, as your help is wanted in maintaining the website.

1 - Is there an easy way to raise/lower the mast single-handed?

2 - What is a good source for Capri 14.2 boat covers?

3 - I don't have flotation in my mast. What's the best way to add some?

4 - I have a Mod 1. Is there any way to make the cuddy door more water-tight?

5 - If I already have a downhaul, do I also need a cunningham?

6 - What do you recommend for a compass installation?

7 - What do you recommend for a motor mount?

8 - What do you recommend for an electric outboard motor? Where to
store the battery? What kind of battery?

9 - How do you replace the centerboard?

10 - My centerboard hums. What to do?

11 - My centerboard is hard to raise/lower. What to do?

12 - My centerboard won't stay down. What to do?

13 - My centerboard has the shakes. What to do?

14 - My Mod 1 seats have lots of gelcoat cracks. Is it serious?

15 - How to fix problems in the hull, such as scratches and gouges?

16 - My boat capsizes a lot. What am I doing wrong?

17- My sheets are too fat. What size lines do you recommend?

This is just the beginning thanks for your help. Keep checking this thread for updates.
Besides the topics in your post which are of a general interest to all I would also like to see something in the FAQ about racing setup for differing water and wind conditions.

We all learn to set up for our own water but I'm not sure what to change when I race in a different venue and any tips that way would be appreciated.