New (Excited!!!) 14.2 Owner


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Good afternoon everyone!
I just inherited a 14.2 with a lake house purchase, and it is certainly in need of some love. I think it's around a 2005 with a furling jib. I have no idea how long it was left in the water, but there is some serious staining, and I know some of the quick-release cleats need replacing. The idea was to tow it to a ramp to get it out of the water for the winter where I can restore everything to see what needs replacing. Once I hopped aboard and opened the hatch, it was absolutely flooded; I still don't know how it hadn't sunk yet. After bailing until my arms where falling off, I got it to a ramp and on a trailer where I was able to pull the plug. It took all afternoon to drain.

That's where I am now, and I'm not entirely sure where to start. My only sailing/boat experience was with a 27' Hunter from 20 years ago. Should I remove all the hardware and give the whole hull a thorough detail and then see what might need replacing? I am positive the jib is dead; no telling how many years it was exposed to the elements. The lines also appear to be in rough shape; is it worth trying to clean them, or would it be better just to buy a new set of rigging? There also does not appear to be a cubby behind the hatch. It's just the whole hull area. Should there be a storage space inside? I'm trying to piece everything together by looking at catalinadirect parts, but I'm not sure if that site is exhaustive.

Any direction is greatly appreciated! (Once I get back to the lake this weekend, I can take some pictures if needed)
First and foremost do a review of all the wooden structural members. If the boat was immersed for a while you could have some decay issues. Check out my post about the failure of the mast support beam, cost me a pretty penny to get that fixed. Otherwise the sailing days for my Capri would have been over!