New Bug by Laser Performance

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Hey Gang,

Laser/Performance has just announced a new boat on their web site, The Bug.

Anyone have any inside info on The Bug?


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Re: New Bug

I do have some information on the new boat. It looks a lot like an opti but with a more aerodynamic design and wider stern. It has a race rig and and a cruising rig available. The race rig has a sail area of 5.3 sq meters and has a retail cost of 1450 Pounds Sterling including their VAT. I haven't seen anything about the price in the US but it likely will not be an exact money exchange.

There is a video available from a UK boatshow where the designer discusses the boat and shows it off for the camera. The video is at and requires Quicktime to view.


Upside down?
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Looks like the Bug is aiming at the same market as the Pico and O'pen Bic.
Success by no means guaranteed......

PS: If I were a kid (by now a very long time ago ;)), I know which boat I would want from this group (hint: it's not made by Performance Laser).