need suggestions on navigation lights for 14.2


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I have taken to night sailing, and would like to add some navigation lights on my 14.2. I don't mind running wires or adding a small battery etc. Has anyone added lights, and could you please share information on the topic. I am thinking that some of the newer LED lights would be the best option.

Bow bi-color red/green navigation light
Masthead all around white
Stern "all around" white (gets hard to do that one and not have the boom knock it off... since its supposed to be above your head) I'd probably mount this as far aft on the rudder as possible to get it behind the boom.

You can get a single all-around 3-color that acts as the bow nav and masthead white... but they tend to confuse power boaters on the local lake due to waving around as the sailboat rolls and pitches. They think its a UFO...

Double-check USCG and/or state regulations for which light are supposed to be used when.
I prefer the try color mast head light. The last time I checked (years ago) it was CG approved. I would think you could get a self contained unit and not have to run any wires. With a led light and a small battery you should be able to easily sail dusk to dawn and still have battery power left over. Fhhuber is right on the mark with his statement - "double check USCG"
Thanks for the suggestion Skippers, I am going to go with the battery powered tri-color. That seems like a relativity simple solution, and more visible to other boaters. Although, I'll need to remember to turn it on before I step up the mast ;)

I found this one that looks pretty good


NAVISAFE | Navilight Tricolor 2NM