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I am in the market for a new set of sails for my 14.2. There are some sales on now but what are the chances that prices will come down further as we get into winter? Also I am interested in to opinions of other racers as to what sail makers have the best products. I will be converting from a self furling jib to a standard jib. I race in Mission Viejo where winds are usually light. Any advice would be helpful.


I had a new jib made by www.slosails.com and am very happy with it. It cost me $210.00. I did not buy their "racing sail" because I seldom race, and did not want the noise you get with a crisp racing sail. But they will make whatever you want. They are very nice and I spent a fair amount of time both on the phone with them as well as via email. Check them out.


Get sails for either Quantum or Scott Sails. I've never found a faster jib than the Scott Finkboner ones, period. Quantum are a close 2nd.