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I am a new sailer and the owner of a mode I. I would like to replace the white plastic pully at the top of the mast. 1) Can anyone recommend a web-site that carries replacement parts? 2) Does Catalina have a web-site for parts?

Parts from Catalina

Catalina does not have a webb site for ordering parts. If you are going to purchase a part from Catalina call them. If you send them a E-Mail they will not respond. Call Catalina and they will give you the part number and then you can order it.

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Roger Lohrey


Why? You'll spend more time and $$$ trying to find it else where. I've bought parts from the guys at Catalina before no problems and get the right stuff for the old boat.

I'm new at this as well, but my mistake I make when getting into something is always trusting the OEM (me lazy), and not doing the background work of finding someone who does it better for less, which is not all that terribly rare.
Thats cool. For standard blocks and rigging, you could use West Marine or any good sailing shop in your area. For some of the other none standard stuff, its just better to stick with the Catalina folks. My 2 cents.
WD40 and back to the topic of pulley's, or should I say blocks and sheeves?

Does anyone think there is a problem with spraying WD-40 on blocks and pulleys.

There are a fair amount of spring loaded blocks on my new old boat and these springs are fairly rusted and the rust is spreading. Also the same could be true for some of the rings that secure the various cotter pins. My source of rust seems to be some screws that were probably replacements over the years, in particular the pulley/block for the jib on the mast. I want to replace the screw that is probably causing galvanic action and subsequently rust, but I am afraid that if I unscrew it, whatever is holding it on the inside of the mast is going to be lost (true or not?), so in the mean time i just want to spray some WD-40 on the spring so it doesn't get completely brittle. The WD-40 won't be bad for anything else, would it?
Is WD40 a rust inhibitor? I thought it as more of a lubicant. You could always drill out the screws in question and replace them with marine quality screws or pop rivots. If the mast is that decayed at those screw points, your going to want better metal to hold that pully to so it doesn't fail when you're sailing. Maybe you need to relocate that hardware to a better part of the mast.
I made it sound worse than it is

The mast is in fine shape, but the pad-eye that holds the turning block/pulley for the jib and parts of that whole assembly are rusting.

What is rusting the most is the large tapered helix spring that prevents the pulley from slapping against the mast.

WD40 isn't so mush a rust inhibitor, but it tends to lessen the deliterious effects that rust has on metal, namely, making it brittle. I figure, that at the end of the saeson (next winter) I will replace the bad parts, i.e. screw (screw, and I will probably stay away from snap riverts) and sping, and maybe pad-eye and pulley.

I think all my lamenting on how Catalina (or the previous owner) used a mixture of stainless and non-stainless springs, screws, and single loop metal rings to hold all the various clevis pins around the boat causing dissimilar and adjacent metals to cause spots of surface rust.

So the long and short of my question is WD40 bad for pulleys, and when I do go to replace the screws on the mast, do I risk losing what is securing them, or are they screwed into threaded holes on the mast?
Remove the Carbon Steel Parts

If it were me I would remove all the carbon steel springs and screws as soon as possible. The rusting will cause stains on your sails and gel coat that are hard to remove. ALso rusting screws can not be as strong as the stainless steel counterparts.

Just my two cents
Roger Lohrey

To the best of my knoledge WD-40 wont hurt the poleys unless they are thoughs new advanced ones that arnt suposed to be sprayed with anything. But i would say that you might want to use a better rust stopper then WD-40, maybe try some T-9 or Tri-Flow. (my two cents)
I almost got enough for a new motor

With all you guys throwing in your two cents, I am only about $799.94 away from a new motor...just joking, I appreciate the advice.

Thanks for the rust inhibitor advice.

As far as replacing the rusting parts now, I agree about the staining, and you're right, one never knows how deep it goes, it may only be surface rust, or it could be a dismating waiting to happen. That being said, I still haven't gotten anyone's two cents on my mod 1 hull #562 as to how those screws are secured to the mast....are there locking nuts internal to the mast (I would guess not), is the mast tapped with threads, or are the screws self tapping type into the softer aluminum?

As far as a motor, I found an '05 Yamaha 2.5-hp 4-stroke with 3 year wty for $699.00. I got sick and tired of calling up numbers from stale classified ads and losing bids in $400 range on 15 year old motors on Ebay; almost bought a Honda 2-hp, but the guy who sold me the Yamaha was going to sell me the Honda, but he said he wouldn't take two Hondas for the Yamahas...go figure, maybe it was just a sales pitch.
Self tapping into the softer aluminum. Once thay are backed out, the new ones will probably never tighten right. I use only stainless steel pop rivots to replace the screws.
Good time to look at your mast!

This is a really timely thread. A few days ago I dropped the mast on my Model 1 to look it over. The sheave (top pulley) was really in bad shape from rubbing on the mast slot, many of the screws on the spreaders and other parts were very loose and the foam in the top of the mast was shot. I've owned it almost 3 years and had never had it down, bought it from a person at my sailing club who probably hadn't lowered it for years. The pins on the shrouds were about to lose the clips from high winds working the mast around all winter. I was very close to my first demasting.....Glad I looked.

Paul in KS