Need replacement Laser 2 boom vang

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Where can I purchase on of these? Or can you suggest an upgrade that will work with the existing fittings on the mast and boom? I don't care if it's race legal. laser2-0323w.jpg
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Thank you, LaLi. I appreciate you identifying the parts numbers as well places where to purchase them. I ended up ordering all the parts directly from RWO Marine in England, plus I saved in shipping costs since I was able to get all the parts from one source. Sail On!

Btw, here are the part #s (less the line) and costs:

R6057 x 1 shackle £6.43
R4970 x 1 Double V jammer £13.48
R4890 x 1 Vang key angle £4.11
R1080 x Double block £9.88