Need help with make and model identification


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Does anyone recognize the make and model of this dinghy? its 14ft long with beam of just under 6ft. the oldest registration sticker on it is 1985 so its at least that old. no other numbers or markings. Its in fairly good shape and i plan to give it a refresh.

i have searched online trying to find a picture of a known model that is close to this but have not had success. Lido 14 is about the closest i can find but there are definitely some differences. most notable is how the base of the mast attaches.

Thanks in advance for any help.



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Unless this is a very old boat, there should be a (VIN) code on the stern (on the right-hand side).
If there is no VIN that could be helpful as well with respect to dating the boat.
no, i do not have a sail. that is probably the main reason i would like to figure out the make and model. In fact the boom looks to have been home built as its made from treated construction lumber. The mast looks to be original so i will likely have to figure out the sails based on that alone. Also, not sure if its relevant or not, but the boom foot is not fixed to the mast. it can slide up and down depending on the sail height?? I apologize if i have not used the correct sailing terms. i have zero experience in the hobby. i have just started reading up on it.
You got yourself a tough one; that's for sure.

If you really want to go sailing, it might be better to get a complete boat (older Sunfish perhaps).
But if you want a construction experience, you have got it!