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Hi everyone!
Just got this from an old friend he said it may be '60's, looks in great shape but I'd like to see how old it is and if everything is there. I see it has 1179 stamped on the side of rudder base, but don't know how to decipher that. It has two center boards, no cockpit, and a rudder with the extension. A small oval Alcourt plate near the mast hole. It's length is almost 14' wood grab rails. The sail is nice shape with the black sunfish on it. White with red and blue stripe on top fore and aft.
Appreciate any info and your time.


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Yeh, after
Looking at pics with no cockpit I kinda figured that. I'm not a sailor and am
Looking to find someone who would like to have it. Everything is there


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The number stamped on the rudder base is the serial number, and it's a very early one. Fiberglass Super Sailfish MK II was introduced in 1959, so what you have would probably be considered "model year 1959."

Your sail, with a sunfish on it, is not original. The original sail had a sailfish on it.

Where is it located?

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Have you put it on your local Craigslist? Of course it is easier to sell a sailboat in the Northeast during the height of the sailing season, whereas it is winding down now. You may need an aggressive price to sell it at this time of year, and Sailfish are in less demand than Sunfish. Adding color pictures showing all of the parts and the sail would probably help you sell it faster.

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Copy that! Appreciate your help. Think my bud has the original sail for it too. Gotta look next week. Thanks again!
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