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Hi guys,

I'm a macnn member since 2001. Finally I decided to edit a web site/blog, etc, to promote my olympic campaign for Beijing 2008. The good news is that i already classified to compete in the Tornado catamaran.

I just wanted to share and ask for any input you guys may provide. I plan to upgrade it in a weekly basics with images, videos, and posts. Thanks for the feed back

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On a second comment,

I should have clarified that this is a site for my brother Fernando olympic campaign.

I just made it.

Rob B

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The front page looks great. Good luck to him. It's a shame this may be his last chance to sail a cat in the Olympics.
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The site is really slick. Nice job...but I can tell it's a website because I am looking at it on the web...there's no need to put "The Website of" in the page title.

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Re: The Laser Forum Post of SailChris

I Agree, the "the website of" is unnecessary, and I think the homepage would look better with the name centered across the top.
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I do not know why, I've always been a very simetrycal kind of guy, but in this site I'm building I like things cornered a bit.....

my two cents

But thanks for the input removing "The web..." it had no sense :(


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My only other suggestion would be to change the <title> To something other than "welcome". Search engines pick this up a lot and welcome doesn't give them much to go with.